Dec. 1st, 2014

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Yoga again. This time felt less transformative, but I was also arriving after a week of vacation from hunching over computers (and substantially less hunching over a cutting board than usual at Thanksgiving).

Last year I was cagey about goals, because I didn't want to post lofty ones and fail. This year, I'm comfortable posting them. Not to keep myself honest so much as to get excited about them.
And no, PBP isn't on here. I don't think the crowds sound appealing, if I'm going to shlep over to ride in France it's going to be wine-country touring style, and [ profile] dphilli1 deserves a better 5th wedding anniversary than either being home alone or crewing for exhausted cranky randonneuring Sarah in France. :) If the series goes well, in 2015, a domestic or Canadian 1200K in 2016 seems like a good goal.

2015 ride calendar, tentatively ) After that -- Westfield doesn't have all their info up -- they have a September 200K and a 200K option for the Great River Ride, which could be fun. I'm pretty sure I'll won't want to do anything longer than a 200K after the Big Goal Rides. And I'm not sure if I'll go up for the Fall Classic again -- it was a lot of fun, though. Maybe I can convince [ profile] dphilli1 to do the populaire with me, since he'll be training for touring by that point. And hopefully there will be some more 100k-ish rides with NER.

And then touring in October, woo.

Somewhere in there it'd be nice to get the canoe out for a multi-day trip. Or even just get the damn thing down for day trips, period. Alas, time.


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