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I doubt I'll make all 7/7 for the coffeeneuring challenge; I refrained from going out in the absolute muck that was last weekend's weather, especially not when I have a new spin bike at home. And I was out of town running support for [ profile] dphilli1's first ultramarathon last weekend, which involved plenty of biking and a lot of Dunkin Donuts finest products, but not actually simultaneously.

Instead, I have my own challenge for myself: all miles are good miles.

AKA take your bicycle to work month. It's pitch-dark for my entire commute now, and I just don't enjoy it -- too much dark + heavy traffic = stress. I could ride to work, especially right now after the time change, since it's full light in the mornings, but that would require a magical transformation into Morning Person Sarah. Which if it hasn't happened by now, ain't happening. I've done the morning ride a few times, and once I'm five miles from home I'm a happy commuter, but getting out the door is rough.

Instead, I'm doing what the Brompton does best: going multimodal. I'm pledging to myself to just take the bike with me every day. I don't have to ride it -- if it's truly miserable out I can take it on all forms of transport I normally take to work. But on a normal day, I'll rack up close to 5 miles in bits and pieces. And when the T is a complete failure, or if I want to run errands, I'll have it with me. It's not a lot of miles, and they're not especially hilly, but they add up.

So far -- 4/5 days this week, and the 1/5 without it was when I had to drive into work. Including running to Chinatown after voting, and a very, very wet race against a super-slow orange-line for my bus home yesterday. (I did not make the usual departure time for the bus, but neither did the bus.)

Except for the rain, it's been nice. Riding little bits to ride little bits, not as a failure option for not feeling like riding all the way home. Am hoping to keep this up at least as long as the roads aren't too icy for little unstudded tires to ride on.


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