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SO I AM BEHIND, anyone surprised? Nope. So I'll try to catch up a little.

These past two weekends have been Full Of Things; this has not been great for getting out on the bike, but the coffeeneuring challenge is great for making me find at least a few minutes here and there; in this case, going two places by bike when I might have borrowed [ profile] dphilli1's car.

Oh, and the annual Eggplant Party. So there's a recipe or two here as well.

Coffeeneuring #2: late night ramble )
Coffeeneuring #3: the bean-buying exception )
Continuing the theme of technicalities count were my eggplant party dishes; both used the eggplant more as filler than as primary ingredient, although you could taste it in both if you were looking for it, and it was a significant textural component.

The burgers were based on this recipe from The Tolerant Vegan, whose site I'd never seen before but looks like it has a lot of delicious things. I wanted something bean-heavy but not lentil-based -- lentils are hit or miss for me. So this one, with its white beans and hummus sounded great.

Since this was for the Eggplant Party (i.e. potluck), I made sliders instead of full-sized burgers. I also doubled the recipe and made a few modifications, but it's not that different from the original.
Baked Eggplant Sliders )
Eggplant Muhammara-ish Dip and Mint-Cucumber Lebneh Tzatziki )

Next weekend, hopefully I'll get out for a decent ride on Sunday.


Oct. 4th, 2014 03:19 pm
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This is not the Vermont Fall Classic writeup -- for now, have a flickr album of that.

Like the onset of evening, fall is a time when it's kind of hard to keep riding; in the dead of winter or the middle of the night, the only way to ride is to just ride, but in the fall, it's kind of suddenly dreary. I haven't been riding as much; have been jogging a bit, but that's another post.

A prominent randonneuring blogger had a solution: the coffeeneuring challenge. Get out every weekend for coffee for seven weeks (or more precisely, 7 times in 7 weeks; 2-for-1s some weekends are OK.)

It's also a good way for me to try to get more regular about blogging things quickly rather than sitting on them FOREVER. Though not having a smartphone makes it harder, as I have to cart my camera around and upload stuff manually.

  1. Where: Diesel Cafe, Somerville, MA
  2. When: October 4th, 2014
  3. Drink: Green Tea Latte with soymilk, plus breakfast (not pictured as I'd already eaten it by the time I got out the camera).
  4. Bike Friendliness: A+ See picture above: the parking space directly outside it is now a bike rack, all year round. Taking the Brompton in was a bit of a pain as it was more packed than it's usual hordes on Saturday morning, as there'd been a 5k road race that morning. But I found a seat where I could tuck it under one of the long tables.
  5. Total Mileage: 6.8, apparently! Yes, I uploaded it to Strava. Was kind of curious how fast I go in relaxed errand-running mode, especially since the ride home was after getting a massage and I was a bit loopy.
I need an icon with the Brompton! Not today, though. Maybe for the next coffeeneur post.


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